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Data Center & Cloud Defense
McAfee provides a consolidated approach to your cloud and data center transformation with full visibility and control that reaches all corners of your hybrid infrastructure.
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Dynamic Endpoint Threat Defense
With our dynamic endpoint threat defense solution, organizations can combat emerging threats, defeat the unknown, and radically simplify security operations.
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Intelligent Security Operations
Our closed-loop threat defense lifecycle framework helps identify gaps, optimize security systems, and mature security operations centers.
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Data Exchange Layer
Our open communications fabric provides a secure, real-time way to unite data and actions across multiple applications from different vendors, connecting security solutions and driving collaboration among your products.
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Pervasive Data Protection
Gain visibility into where users are going online, what applications they’re using, and the associated risks so you can take steps to secure their data.
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Embedded Security
With our embedded security technology, manufacturers build security directly into their products and devices, providing an integrated defense against cyberthreats and attacks.
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Product manager at REAL security for McAfee:
Matic Knuplez
+386 41 470 511