Why choose for a SECO-Institute certification title?

Distinguish yourself from the Security & Continuity crowd. With a SECO-Institute certification title, you will differentiate yourself from others in the competitive ranks of Security & Continuity Professionals.

The next step after CISSP®, CISM®, C/CISO®
There are 100k+ CISSPs and CISMs in the world, taking the next step in their career. Differentiate yourself and continue learning to obtain an expert-level certification.

Internationally Recognised Certification Program
The program was launched in the Netherlands in 2008. Since then, thousands of professionals working at the world’s largest multinationals have been trained with SECO- Institute courseware accredited by CPION. Candidates that have passed their exams receive a SECO-Institute-accredited title, which title is recognised by the industry.

Complete Security & Continuity Program
The Cyber Security Certification Program consists of 7 tracks, built from Beginner to Senior level. Each track consists of 3 course levels (Foundation, Practitioner, and Expert level).
SECO-Institute develops its own courseware and has its own R&D centre. Our Courseware Team’s job is to deliver you and our training centres the up-to-date knowledge you need to thrive in an ever-changing industry. Our courses are designed and delivered by leading Security & Continuity experts. Your learning experience will be shaped by the practical experience and best practice tips of our instructors.

Flexible study options
Our course content is available through our training partners anywhere, any time. Enjoy 24-hour access to video lectures, accompanying learning materials, and a supportive student network.

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