We are the leading vendor of innovative IT security solutions. We specialize in privileged access management, user authentication and authorization and SSL/TLS encrypted traffic inspection. Our products combine strong security with a user friendly interface which ensures seamless deployment and convenient maintenance.

Currently we serve over 200 clients through a network of 80 partners in 30 countries. We strongly believe in innovation. We were one of the first in the world to introduce a mobile application for generating one-time passwords. In 2012 we launched Wheel Fudo PSM, the very first in the world to enable real-time supervision which was voted the best solution for the financial sector in 2015. In the same year we introduced our SSL/TLS decryptor – Wheel Lynx SSL/TLS Inspector.

In 2016 we created the most advanced privileged access management solution – Wheel Fudo PAM. Currently we are launching the fastest SSL/TLS traffic inspector – Wheel Lynx SSL/TLS Decryptor Infinity.